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Alpha & Omega was founded in 1959 to provide microscope service to the Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Deleware & West Virginia area. Our highly trained technicians service all brands. We believed that quality service offered at a fair price would naturally attract a quality clientele. We have since expanded to a microscope sales and service company with customers all over the world.

Alpha & Omega offers new and used microscopes by a myriad of manufacturers such as: Omega, Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Swift, Accu-Scope, Meiji, Vision Engineering, Motic and others. We also offer a variety of digital camera specifically designed for microscopy. Our microscopes are used by Medical and Research Laboratories, Universities and Colleges, Hospitals, High Schools, Veterinarians, Medical Doctors, and Industry.

Current Specials
Omega 180 This stereo microscope is the a perfect economical choice for education (High School, College, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Entomology, Geology), industry (Mechanical, Electronics, Agriculture, Marine Science), and medicine (Veterinary, Bacteriology).

Standard Configuration: 1x - 3x native magnification, (2) 10x eyepieces, Dual Upper and lower 7 watt fluorescent light source.

Price: $340.00

Current Special: $249.00

Omega 200 This monocular microscope is the a perfect choice for College, High school, Biologists, Zoologists, Microbiologists. It is the low budget choice for physicians' offices, clinical Labs, and veterinary clinics.

Standard Configuration: Monocular, (1) 18mm/10x eyepieces, 4x, 10x, 40x Achromatic Objectives, 7 watt fluorescent light source, spring loaded slide holders, pin hole disc condenser.

Price: $249.00

Current Special: $165.00

Omega 800 This binocular microscope is the a perfect choice for college classrooms, physicians' offices, veterinary clinics, the medical clinics, emergency rooms, urinalysis labs, and medical students.

Standard Configuration: Binocular, (2) 18mm/10x eyepieces, 4x, 10x, 40x & 100x oil Achromatic Objectives, 20 watt halogen light source, mechanical stage, 1.25 ABBE condenser.

Price: $695.00

Current Special: $595.00

For more information and price quotes, call Toll Free 1.888.2.SCOPE.U or 1.888.272-6738.
Outside the U.S. call 301.869.4911 of fax us at 301.869.4914.

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